Author Topic: BANKRUPT WITH MONEY IN THE BANK  (Read 4977 times)

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February 04, 2020, 04:08:20 AM
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I've played a few different sessions, each time trying to press the boundaries on how quickly I can expand my business. This evening, I hired 1 employee after a year, and a second after the second year. Within 3 months of hiring the third employee, I got the "you're going bankrupt" notification for the first time ever. I was taken aback since I had about $10k in the bank.

I searched the forum and found a few posts from Alpha 9 reporting this "bug". Is it possible that some feature to take into account the banked money when looking at bankruptcies? Id assume that if I had multiple millions in the bank that I'd not go bankrupt cause I went  -$1...

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