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November 14, 2015, 01:30:17 PM
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Welcome to the Coding Addon 0.2-alpha

Because I like the idea of the game and the possibilites of modding I decided to start a mod on my own.

The coding addon adds some types for general software companies which don't want to develop games only.

I included a readme in the zip file and if you have questions | suggestions please let me know.
I appreachiate any feedback :D So leave some comment and opinion if you're interested.

Download at Dropbox

Current Features

- Introduction to programming languages
- Framework development to boost other software types in several aspects
- Develop business applications based on your (or others) framework and take advantage of frameworks
- Added the engineering specialization required for advanced features

Plans for the next version

- More software types for mid and end game
- Stacked features to boost development of software
- More specializations and concept work
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