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November 25, 2018, 06:05:41 AM
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Hi! I love Software Inc, and I wanted to write some mods with XML.
However, the tools for creating XML mods are quite restricted, and I was hoping you could add the following two:
- For lines with errors, add the line number
- For an expected tag, add the expected line number

I also thought I had a great idea for mod creation:

In the main menu, add a button which said "Mod Maker". In this, you will be shown a GUI which is the same as the GUI when you develop software in game. In the GUI, you have a dropdown list for the type of software you want to create. It will show the default list of software as well as a button saying "Create New Software". When this button is clicked, you will have the option of naming the software type. Example: Game. Then, on the right (which typically contains the features of the software) will have a button saying "Create new feature". When clicking this, there will be a text box at the top saying "Feature name" and a second box under it saying "Hover Information". After this, the feature will be created. In order to change the properties of the feature (such as 'Stability', 'DevTime', etc.) you will have to right click and select 'Properties'. In order to create a feature that branches off of another feature (the 'Feature From="" ' tag in XML) you will right-click and select 'Create New Feature From'. Then, the same process is used. When creating a new feature, another button will show under it saying 'Create New Feature' so that the user can create as many features as needed. After they are done, they click 'Save mod to computer'. It will open the file system and the user will select a location for the mod to be saved. Or, they can choose to upload the mod to the steam workshop.

Here's a bit of a stretch for a suggestion:
In the Mod Creator visual editor, there will be a small button in the bottom left which says 'Switch to text editor'. It converts the entire mod written so far into text. While the user is writing the mod and they write a line which contains an error, there will be (!) before the line number on the left, which when hovered, will display errors of the line.

Thank you CoreDumping for reading my suggestions, and please take them into consideration :)

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