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October 07, 2018, 01:00:20 AM
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Steam Post

Slanted roofs are finally in! I hope this makes up for the slightly misleading roofs in the town map screenshots I released, leading up to alpha 10.

Slanted roofs are currently purely cosmetic. I'll try to figure out some way to utilize them in a future update, but for now, they are free in-game.

I made some big changes to the DLL modding system, which will break all current DLL mods. See changes at the end of this post.

This marks the end of alpha 10. I'm keeping Alpha 10.7 in testing for a short while, to make sure there aren't any major issues.

Alpha 10.7.2 fixes
  • Fixed employee working hours in calendar window going 1 hour too long
  • Fixed modded furniture with lights stopped working

Alpha 10.7.1 changes
  • Added slanted roofs
  • New Autumn track by Sinnott Soundworks
  • Added 2 new startup maps, a garage and a skyscraper
  • Basements are now separated for blueprints and cloning
  • Doubled starting cash on easy mode
  • Changing team arrival and leave times will now take immediate effect
  • Whether project management makes a product in-house will now depend on base product

UX changes
  • Build menu category list now uses thumbnails instead of checkboxes and text
  • Added calendar window when date is clicked to see employee and staff working hours
  • Ability to manage staff room assignment from staff window
  • Pressing the focus button (space by default) now cycles between all selected objects
  • Ability to highlight unsupported rooms if cloning or blueprint creation fails

  • Fixed room grouping bugging out when re-grouping rooms
  • Fixed bug regarding how door blockage is checked for doors to upper floor parking. Doors going nowhere or in basement will now show as blocked
  • Various other fixes

Modding changes
DLL modding
  • ModMeta is now an Abstract Class rather than an Interface and the FloorMod has been updated to show examples
  • DLL mods will now be queried to save and load data from save files
  • Changed WindowManager interface to avoid misuse of active window lists that would cause crash (Use OnlyHide, StartHidden, Shown and OnClose to control lifecycle)
  • Game assembly now includes xml documentation to help develop dll mods in Visual Studio (Only some of the codebase have been commented so far, mostly UI stuff)
  • Improved logged message when an error occurs loading a dll mod

XML modding
  • Deprecated mesh and snappoint Parent tag in furniture mods and added Parent ATTRIBUTE to all tags that searches everything in the furniture with a name(Use ComponentName tag to name Meshes and InteractionPoints, Name tag for Transforms)
  • Multiple and custom lights for modded furniture using the LampScript's Lights variable(will automatically find all light components in a furniture if not manually set, at the expense of performance)
  • Modded furniture can now optionally have the IsIconic variable set to an array of category names, if it should be used as a thumbnail for custom categories

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October 07, 2018, 03:00:28 AM
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Patch notes have been updated.