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February 28, 2018, 08:19:09 PM
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Steam Post
Disclaimer: THIS IS A PRE-RELEASE FOR TESTING! Do not grow attached to your save files the first couple of days after this release. I'll be monitoring bug reports closely and patch often, but expect possible save file corruption. Alpha 9 save files are not compatible with Alpha 10

Alpha 10.1.4 fixes
  • Only draw build grid in leased rooms in rent mode
  • Undoing a furniture move would bug game
  • Houses were visible from underground
  • Added steam sticker for blueprints and materials
  • Added lease termination tip about sold furniture
  • Room grouping button in room group window did not work
  • Furniture value wasn't added back to player when relocating from a rent map
  • Map editor furniture was time locked
  • Deleting a building would only delete file, not containing folder
    and thumbnail
  • Various other fixes

Alpha 10.1.3 fixes
  • Limiting a room to a role kept all employees from entering it
  • Simulation randomly breaking when changing month due to bad subsidiary check
  • Shouldn't count plot worth in money dropdown panel in rent mode

Alpha 10.1.2 fixes
  • Can place environment objects outside map area
  • Days per month setting didn't work
  • Plots counted towards worth in rent mode
  • Couldn't make IP trades
  • Auto graphic settings didn't work
  • Random bug during alpha phase due to out of bounds competency check
  • Various fixes

Major changes
Work on alpha 10 has focused on balancing expenses and adding more options regarding your company's physical presence, namely the ability to relocate your company, buy and sell plot areas, and lease rooms one at a time. Furthermore, employee mechanics have received a giant overhaul in regards to employee satisfaction and education, including a new benefit system that allows you to give and remove perks for all your employees.

Going forward
I'll be spending the next couple of weeks stabilizing all the new features and documenting the new modding capabilities. I still have a lot more I want to add and improve in alpha 10 before I move on to alpha 11, so there is no concrete timeline at this point.

The new development/feature mechanics did not make it in this release. I underestimated how much work it needed and it fits thematically better with alpha 11, in which I'll be focusing more on the development mechanics in general.

Full changelog
  • Ability to relocate company
  • New plot system
  • Ability to lease rooms
  • Balanced construction and building costs
  • Rebalanced employee costs and skills, and overhauled hiring mechanic
  • Ability to control subsidiary releases and assign tasks (More to come)
  • Overhaul employee satisfaction mechanic
  • New employee benefit system
  • New spring and build track from Chris Sinnott
  • Overhauled business reputation to be more predictable
  • Overhauled HR mechanic
  • Added Rural, Town, City and Cold, Temperate, Warm map types
  • Overhauled room rendering and added ability to mod room material textures
  • Add ability to use colorable textures for the standard furniture material, instead of forcing the default UV map
  • Ability to sum financial sheet or cashflow chart by month, quarter or year
  • Add proper data overlay window
  • Added key (F) to align furniture to nearest wall when placing
  • Better control of door direction when building
  • Doors should not open when employees are just passing by
  • Remove insurance account (now savings account) interest cap, but lock interest for years after depositing depending on amount
  • Software sales are now calculated per OS market, so software released for different OSs are no longer in direct competition
  • Added loading screen and fixed long loading times caused by music decompression
  • AI company salaries should be higher than bills
  • Ideal product price should be determined statically in SoftwareType or SoftwareCategory tag
  • Improved AI printing strategy
  • Market simulation now uses release dates for hype calculation, no release date gives no hype
  • Deprecated scenarios and changed how starting funds are chosen
  • Add select all button to wage negotiation window
  • Add specialization pie chart to contract window
  • Add wall skirting
  • Chairs now degrade in comfort over time
  • Drag camera now uses momentum, can be mapped to already mapped keys and will default to right click
  • Ability to generate the same map twice using a text string
  • Open chart window and products window from company window
  • Open company window from stock list
  • Output different symbols from employees depending on work being done
  • Tutorials can use dynamic values

  • Holes in a blueprint floor plan were counted as rooms, which would make it so you couldn't duplicate a floor on top of itself unless the floor plan consisted of separate whole areas
  • Cap active users to OS users
  • Could not make games for in-dev OSs
  • Count loans due in stock worth
  • Employees will now move to the furniture they are assigned if they are currently using the same type of furniture, which they do not own
  • Failing to deliver on a print deal will now account for time left on the deal to discount the penalty
  • Difficulty option and PC upgrades weren't being applied to alpha dev speed
  • Fixed long standing bug causing windows to become invisible if they were the same height or width as the screen on last launch
  • Physical copies weren't returned to stock after having been refunded
  • Reset search when changing build category
  • Right hand holdables not aligned properly

  • Group furniture by type to increase query speeds
  • Optimize market simulation
  • Ability to turn windows opaque and don't render any room content below current floor in gfx options

Known issues
  • Can't update material mod in steam workshop after initial upload

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Patch notes have been updated.

February 28, 2018, 10:00:59 PM
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Patch notes have been updated.