Author Topic: Modding Idea [game conversion] require unity dev to impliment  (Read 1471 times)

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September 02, 2017, 10:35:13 AM
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Hello guys,

i was just having a read through some of the post here and a few mods and an idea slapped me right in the face.

I don't have any unity experience so il need some help with that, a person or a group, even design ideas would be welcome.

software Inc. is a great game as it stands, has already given me hours of entertainment.

The Idea

A total game conversion in a way.
Create a data-center instead of a software development company.
the game has the servers implemented, and the deals panel.
the deals require expansion to allow new deal types, ability for deals to generate based on distribution capability rather then a reception desk.
still have teams, but some have more long term tasks, such as a support team, the job can just reset and produce bugs based on the number of customers you reach.
Dev teams produce a number of OS's for types of rental packages.

Core Rental Packages Requiring Server Harware

VPS - Multiple processes of one server with pre-defined requirements and limitations for the renter.
Dedicated - single process able to utilize the whole server, more server rack options sooner to utilize multiple process dedicated racks not exceeding a set limitation.
Rack - a client rents a whole rack if racks are not unlocked yet will require multiple servers to be linked.
web/email packages - see VPS
SQL - still need to think about that

software types

Website - directly effects distribution
database management - manages the SQL interface
Support Center - used to maintain permanent support to clients
----need more ideas here.

massive reputation loss if a package your selling fails to process (server breakdown, removal)
must maintain software development to maintain reputation and customer satisfaction.
most software's are kept in house but may be able to make some sell-able software's

that's as much as i have been able to piece together in the 10 mins i have been sat here.

if there is interest in this idea i will continue the design process, if anyone wants to help me develop it let me know in PM and we can begin drawing a design plan and i can get a git setup.

Thanks guys,

feel free to post
questions and ideas

every new question or comment allows my to think more in-depth and ass to the end product

September 06, 2017, 08:59:11 PM
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Hey, this is somewhat the idea i want to have in my mod. I'm working on it and hopefully it'll be done within a few days!
I'll post my mod the steam workshop and reply to this thread once i'm through with it. It's not however the unity modded version though, more of a software types addition, maybe some furnitures for VPSs and etc.