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July 28, 2017, 03:00:07 PM
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Its a simple XML template that includes alot of information from the wiki in one place.

It helps me get the scripting done faster, it might help you too

Code: [Select]

<SoftwareType>  <!-- override="false" -->
       <Name> </Name>
   <Category> </Category>   <!-- How the field of the software will be referred to in articles -->
   <Description> </Description>
   <Random>0</Random>  <!--This will effect sales, since you cannot allways garentee a sale. 0 for no effect 0.5 for when you cannot garentee a sale-->
   <OSSpecific>False</OSSpecific> <!-- Operating sysem specific-->
       <OSlimit></OSlimit> <!-- If this software is OSSpecific, you can use this tag to limit the software to a specific operating system category exapmple: <OSLimit>Phone</OSLimit> -->
   <OneClient>False</OneClient> <!-- broken leave as false -->
   <InHouse>False</InHouse> <!-- set to true to allow inhouse production -->

  <Categories> <!-- The categories for the software type. Can be omitted.-->
      <Category Name=" ">  <!-- The categories for the software type leave default if one one option-->
<Description>  </Description>
<Popularity>1</Popularity>  <!-- How popular a software type is from 0 to 1 -->
<Retention>0.916</Retention> <!--How long people will use the product from 0 to 0.916 -->
<TimeScale>1</TimeScale>  <!-- How long it will take to make a product in this category compared to the base software type from 0 to 1 deafult 1-->
<Iterative>1</Iterative>  <!-- How likely AI companies are to develop sequels for this type of software deafult 1 -->
<NameGenerator>base</NameGenerator>   <!-- The name generator to use for simulated companies or for when the player clicks the name button in the design document. furter information Line: -->

     <Feature Forced="True" >
       <!-- Forced Feature Ticked by default unless it is superseded by another feature. Each piece of software should have at least one forced feature
   vital Whether this feature is seen as vital in the market.
   Forced Use this attribute to specify which other feature this feature supersedes
   Research This marks a feature as patentable !!remove tags if unused-->
  <Name> </Name>
          <Category> </Category>   <!-- A tag that controls which specialization a product belongs to. You can add new specializations to the game using this tag by simply writing whatever you want. -->
          <Description>  </Description>
          <DevTime>1</DevTime> <!-- how many months it will take to develop this feature -->
          <Usability>3</Usability>    <!-- These three tags are normalized, so you can put in any number. 3, 4 and 5 would result in 3/12, 4/12 and 5/12. Innovation controls how long the product will stay interesting to customers. Usability controls how well customers will like the product and in extension, your company. Stability controls bugs and how much skill your employees will gain from working on the feature. -->
  <Unlock> </Unlock>  <!-- What Year the software unlocks -->
  <Server> </Server> <!-- Server load-->
  <SoftwareCategory Category=" "> </SoftwareCategory>  <!-- Optional tag that limits the feature to a certain software category of its parent software type. -->
  <Dependency Software=" "> </Dependency> <!-- What features this feature depends on to be available -->

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