Author Topic: Trouble Updating My Mod  (Read 1159 times)

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July 02, 2017, 02:32:53 AM
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So I've been trying to figure this out for a while but I can't. So I tried to update my mod ( which had an outdated system of changing the money so I wanted to change that. So I removed all the scenarios and added a new XML file with the new code in that and a Thumbnail. So when I went to update my mod it went through the process and it says success and it brought me to the workshop page and it just showed the mod. But the problem was it wasn't updating anything not even the thumbnail or the mod itself. So I tried again and this time it just created a new folder of its own and called it MoreMoneyMod and had the same stuff as the original folder but it wasn't in the same folder. So I tried to upload that and it wants to create a new workshop file so I didn't do that. I'm just confused because I just want to update my mod and it's creating a new mod folder and not updating my old one. If someone cold help me solve this that would be great!

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