Author Topic: Alpha 9.7.1 out on testing branch  (Read 2370 times)

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May 16, 2017, 04:55:34 PM
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Alpha 9.7.4 fixes trees staying when building rooms.
Alpha 9.7.3 fixes not being able to load new saves.
Alpha 9.7.2 fixes mod loading and marketing warnings on contract work.

Sorry it took so long. I'm hoping to release alpha 9 officially soon, however I'm still not completely confident in how the new mechanics are presented.

  • Furniture status now degrades while time is being skipped, this will greatly increase repairs needed for some furniture(PCs and servers should be the same)
  • Created 2 new product printers and added SFX
  • Courier now has box capacity instead of product capacity, so copy printing can scale
  • Added courier animation
  • Show current shipping capacity in distribution window
  • Shift+x to close active window
  • Game should remember its auto save file and not overwrite existing auto saves
  • Ctrl+S should save to current save file if any, otherwise autosave
  • Updated marketing tutorial
  • Turned down noise level of computers
  • Don't keep products in design for project management when they are done and leader doesn't have any action points, just queue them up for dev
  • -OffsetWindow can be used to make multi monitor work on Windows if window is not centered
  • Change vacation end to range with number instead of month
  • Save past peer reviews
  • Toggle to see assigned furniture
  • Balanced post-marketing effort needed to compete
  • Balanced hosting, printing and marketing deals (Active hosting deals from old saves will give too much money)
  • Deal filter
  • Improved all colliders to make selection more accurate, especially for employees
  • Print deal failure consequence should be to pay half of remaining copies and 5% reputation hit depending on severity
  • Ability to create team from team selection window
  • Furniture and blueprint thumbnail generation improved
  • Added crunch time for teams which makes employees work faster at a cost, excluding founder
  • List of active distribution deals in distribution window
  • Added follower warning popup to projects promoted to alpha
  • Work item buttons can blink red to help the player take action
  • You can now control name generation for individual company types in mods using the NameGen tag
  • HR is enabled by default for teams with an HR educated leader and HR options no longer do anything by default (previous saves need to enable wage and complaint handling manually)
  • You can now see which products your receive or lose royalties from in the finance window
  • Changed style of snap point indicators when placing furniture
  • Updated to Unity 5.5.3p3 to get profiler working

  • Quality decline warning didn't account for leaders working any role
  • Fixed navmesh generation near pallets and tables which could cause an entire room to become unreachable
  • Audio visualization would crash graphics card on DirectX 9
  • Fixed employee base skill increase based on work being done
  • Team vacation end month wasn't saved
  • Fixed main menu news not showing
  • Employees taking double vacations
  • Game would break completely in main menu if settings file was locked
  • Project management wasn't hyping in dev phase
  • HR now forces education instantly
  • Employees would repeatedly be trained for HR by HR if that was the last education chosen by the player
  • Salaries weren't calculated for employees on vacation or education
  • Can't move furniture when bankrupt
  • Wall lowering affected wall segments on lower floors
  • Employees wouldn't eat at tables with serving trays on it
  • Destroying a room would sometimes fail to reset people in it making them stuck in the air
  • Various other fixes

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May 20, 2017, 06:15:03 PM
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Hi, are you Software inc developer? İf you developer i sorry because i playing crack and this game is so good. I will buy the game when I can get a credit card. I want to be a game developer.

May 30, 2017, 03:12:45 AM
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