Author Topic: Alpha 9.6.1 out on testing branch  (Read 3382 times)

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April 10, 2017, 02:47:45 AM
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I re-did all the tutorials and improved the tutorial system, hopefully this will help explain the new development mechanics properly. Please tell me if this did not help.

I also added sound effects throughout the UI. Music should hopefully be coming soon.

Subsidiaries are now in. You can currently only deposit and withdraw money from them (It also changes how patents, IP and distribution is handled between you and your subsidiaries), but I plan on adding the ability to control projects in the future as well.

  • Re-do all tutorials and improve tutorial system
  • Add UI sound effects
  • Subsidiaries
  • Add confirmation popup when press build has been released
  • Keep contracts of varied difficulty depending on company rep
  • Use stable sorting algorithm for listview to maintain order between sorts(e.g. sorting by skill and then team will now show employees ordered by skill and grouped by teams)
  • Lower contract reputation gain
  • Manual support option for project management
  • Don't reset SCM selections
  • Increase courier cost and double carrying capacity
  • Warning pop up when quality of project is going down fast
  • Add "hired for" role variable, which HR will use to force correct role and manage education(Will only work for employees hired in alpha 9.6+)
  • Add HR education missing budget warnings
  • Standardize red counter on buttons, use for retirees, research, overloaded servers, and remove event window
  • The game will now display feedback IDs for player when feedback/bugs have been reported in-game, to help support in communities
  • Releasing press release or press build without release date warning
  • Have collapse label function which is shown instead of category when workitem is collapsed
  • Select all/none buttons for team selection window with multi choice
  • Multi select window should be searchable if it has more than 10 items
  • Make furniture assignable from employee list if no employees are selected
  • Add auto team assign to rooms, which will try to assign each employee in a team to a computer in the selected rooms
  • Speed up team reviews
  • You can have up to 10 bugs with no penalty in contracts
  • Leaders can no longer lower quality in development
  • Update to Unity 5.5.3f1
  • Write employee return date when selected if on education

  • Check for GPU instancing support in audio overlay
  • HR budget was bugged and education was free
  • Couriers can carry more with more days per month
  • Warning icons not working in multi monitor mode
  • Deleting all save files and clicking continue will lock game
  • Fixed furniture outside parent on load when furniture origin was on room boundary
  • Employees will show as working on support even if their roles don't match
  • Project management missing design warning shows up even if it unwarranted
  • Fixed possible bug where project management wouldn't pick best needs
  • Various other fixes

  • Don't update hidden fields of collapsed work items
  • Legacy localization loading code was taking 10 seconds on load for no reason

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