Author Topic: Alpha 9.3.1 out on testing branch  (Read 3185 times)

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February 18, 2017, 02:19:07 PM
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I still haven't gotten around to balancing contracts and marketing, but there have been huge changes to the simulation balancing overall. Some of these changes will not carry into old saves, as there have been some changes to the software types and AI company types, read more below.

My internet situation seems to have resolved after I permanently switched to LTE and installed network cables in the walls. I went from 300 mbit/s to 100, but oh well.

  • Add finance button to main bottom panel
  • Save name of each individual bill and show breakdown in company finance window
  • Toggle between sheet and graph in finance window and have 4 months of backlog instead of 2 months and an average
  • Printers and pallets should have info when selected
  • Add stretchable cased opening (doorway with no door) max 3 meters, limited to interior walls
  • Noise should bleed through walls, where different environments have different levels of background noise, and windows and doors decrease noise isolation depending on wall area
  • Move audio listener closer to ground
  • Added support for custom work types in DLL mods
  • Added ability to check log file and copy to clipboard from main menu
  • Put print deal income in Deals section of company finances
  • Add last months product gross column to player releases window
  • Refund column for player releases
  • Add team button to contract window
  • Contract peer reviews should be based on required quality, not actual quality
  • Sweep selecting an already selected object (ctrl + left mouse drag) will engage sweep deselect mode
  • Changed marketing costs back to being charged once per day or when done, instead of every second

  • Made some big changes to sales simulation to increase market interaction, average out sales in each software category, raise the overall average and reduce high selling outliers
  • The follower mechanic has heavily impacted balancing, so it has been scaled back and is now affected by refunds
  • Changed how the speed of quality addition is calculated, which greatly impacts the alpha phase
  • Speed up alpha phase a little
  • Game engine development has been taken over by AI companies that also make 2D, 3D and audio editors, as they could not make a living on game engines exclusively (Note this won't affect old saves, so your game might be unbalanced if you do not restart)
  • Reduced game engine development time as it was backing up tech progression(Does not affect old saves)
  • Chance of picking all features have increased for AI and the chance of picking low feature OSs like phones have decreased to make sure features like 3D aren't unrealistically delayed
  • Increased average quality of AI company releases
  • AI companies will try to release software that's missing in the market within their specialization
  • Improved AI company budget planning to avoid too many bankruptcies and buyouts

  • Can't update mods
  • Fixed scaling of copy order window
  • Current month for company finance sheet wasn't being updated enough
  • Marketing budget set in marketing window does not account for currency
  • Printers should only be on when printing so they don't break suddenly for no reason
  • Can select wall segments through ground
  • Room area was not recalculated before lighting propagation when merging rooms causing incorrect indirect lighting between rooms
  • Fixed bug where framerate would tank if there was unreachable parking spaces
  • Fixed parking space pathfinding so cars can drive around parked cars
  • Forgot to remove in-development OS dependency error message when releasing new software for project management
  • Replacing a table furniture with a non table furniture was broken and could crash game with infinite loop
  • Product detail window was missing refund number
  • Rare chance that AI companies would buy each other out in one move, removing both companies from the game
  • Employees would try doing alpha work they aren't allowed to because of their role, causing stress and slowdowns
  • Bankruptcy message needs tweaking and company balance entry should include insurance account to avoid insurance counting as a loss
  • Clear employee effectiveness stats when they meet, to not give the impression they are still affected by things from last day
  • Project management action points reset when loading game
  • Various other bugs

  • Made progress bar a MaskableGraphic instead of having two image components, this also enables gradients
  • Improved popup duplicate check

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February 18, 2017, 02:46:01 PM
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Added support for custom work types in DLL mods

Thanks for that :)

I don't think it's possible right now (correct me if I'm wrong), but will it be possible in the future to add DLL mods to the Steam workshop? Would make it a lot easier to keep them updated (+ we wouldn't have to host them ourselves).