Author Topic: Alpha 9.2.1 out on testing branch  (Read 2106 times)

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February 06, 2017, 02:19:06 AM
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Don't worry, I'm not at all done balancing the game and I haven't gotten to contract work yet. This release is mostly to avoid getting the same bug report over and over.

I'm currently working at a snail pace due to my internet situation. I just got a 4G router today. I put my phone's SIM card in it, so I'm currently maxing my data cap, not receiving phone calls and drowning in ethernet cables, until I receive a new SIM card. The cable company that decided to cut my connection without ever informing me have not responded to my inquires and don't really seem to care (They weren't informed I moved in. I didn't know they existed, so I just signed up with an ISP).

Known issues
  • Can't update previously uploaded workshop mods

  • Made reviews more clear when the price is too high
  • Add overall score and review accuracy to peer review window
  • Progressbar for review work
  • Show needs/OSs in info window for software
  • Put contract/deal info in info window for software work items
  • Add enter to accept on team selection window
  • Balance printing job offers
  • Overhauled tutorial system to make it easier to change and add new tutorials
  • Balance support ticket generation
  • Project progress should go to 200%, going above 100% increases quality, but is obviously very inefficient
  • Add warning when starting print job when no printers are present
  • Warn the player when physical copies of a product does not meet demand, causing lost sales
  • Add warning message when furniture could not be replaced due to size

  • Lower bandwidth requirements across entire game
  • Upgrade power of all servers to and balance bills
  • Software work needs release date visible always

  • Error bubbles do not scale according to GUI scaling
  • Should never lose more fans on cancelling support than active user count
  • Missing categories for printing furniture
  • Dates were not being loaded correctly when having more days per month, which could cause instabilities (Somehow worked out in alpha 8???)

  • Fixed design phase sometimes not updating progress bar

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