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January 31, 2017, 11:19:06 PM
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Major changes
  • Alpha and beta phases have been overhauled to replace progressbar system with peer review system
  • Pre-marketing has been divided into seperate actions and post-marketing is now an endless money sink, with different requirements per software category
  • Product support is now endless and demand is dynamic based on product success
  • Project quality calculation has been overhauled
  • Overhauled product review article generator to give better feedback
  • Overhauled project management to be assigned per leader and more managable
  • Overhauled distribution mechanics
  • Added printers for player to print physical copies of products

Still to come in alpha 9
  • Price discounts
  • Subsidiaries
  • Tutorial updates
  • Press build newspaper review (Forgot to add this)
  • Monthly bill breakdowns
  • More product printers
  • More product printers

Alpha 9.1.1 patch notes
  • Ability to develop software for in-development OSs
  • Instead of forcing the player to chose what to do when they lose, give them 24 hours to rectify the situation, so they have more options than just loans, insurance or stocks
  • Updated to Unity 5.5.0f3
  • Save files are now compressed and only take up about 20% of what they used to
  • Added an extra wall toggle where only outer walls and furniture facing camera are hidden
  • Changed upgrade categorization for furniture to use group names instead of direct furniture names, so furniture A can be upgraded to funiture B if furniture A's UpgradeFrom or UpgradeTo equals furniture B's UpgradeTo name, so mods don't break when new furniture is added
  • Removed mini-games
  • Contract window should have same Team/Artist/Design count information as design document window
  • Are you sure you want to promote from design warning
  • Have info button on dev work items to show the info in the design document
  • Make multi select window scrollable, so server options become manageable
  • Difficulty should not affect employee skills, only ease of market breakthrough
  • Ability to pause work items, especially needed for new endless marketing task
  • Add ctrl+S autosave keyboard shortcut and saving indicator in top right corner
  • Software categories should not have direct reference to RandomNameGenerator, to enable modding random name generators without changing any software
  • Turn CompanyType "Types" into Dictionary to enable AI companies making software in several specific categories for the same software type, null = all categories
  • Added save file backup option to combat corrupted save files, enabled by default
  • Instantiate product windows separately, but keep track using ID
  • Move product window action buttons below list
  • Add current floor level indicator
  • Make parking spaces selectable and add ability to limit use to anyone, staff, cooks, delivery, guests or employees
  • Right click priority buttons on tasks to instantly max or min priority
  • Server temperature is now scaled with its current load
  • Added staff tooltips to explain their function
  • Skyscraper prettification
  • Replaced payment list in insurance window with terminations list, which also shows role, team and years hired
  • Only show one sick message per day
  • Made Big Server Rack mod part of main game
  • All newspaper articles are now saved forever and divided by date in the interface
  • Made UI.xml parsing recursive so there's is no limit to tree depth when localizing to allow more freedom for categorizing
  • Balanced contract work a little
  • Re-did color grading and tonemapping
  • City environment should be default
  • One software feature can now have different specializations depending on whether the actual work is art or code based, using

  • Employee idle button not hidden in build mode
  • Upgrading a server on a table with chairs would not delete table
  • Fixed employees not taking vacation if sent on education after they went home
  • Bug in save system that would sometimes fail to load huge saves with a buffer size exception
  • Added in extra file flushes despite closing stream, since some save games seemed to be missing data after exactly 1 or 2 megabytes written
  • Employees should note their work day length and which hour they arrived at work and base their departure time on that, instead of always leaving at a set hour, since that could be 24 hours away if they arrive very late due to traffic congestion
  • Screen zooms when scrolling with cursor between work tasks
  • Fixed tangents of walls near windows and doors so that they don't appear to be misaligned in certain light conditions at certain angles
  • Insurance window auto corrects value of input text if non standard currency is used
  • Insurance account and company weren't associated when loading a previously saved game, breaking stock worth calculations
  • Accidentally made lowest bid instead of highest when no one on market can afford stock
  • Fixed furniture getting squished in rare circumstances due to comparing squared magnitude with non squared magnitude
  • Fixed bugs in WindowManager.AddElementToElement
  • Removed duplicate entries from UI.xml localization file

  • Enumerate employee thoughts, problems and affecters, should not localize them each frame and save to file
  • Move in-world warning icons from OnGUI to Canvas to increase performance and to have them behind the HUD
  • Replaced most masks with RectMask2D
  • Make a IconFillBar and use it to replace the current reputation stars
  • Changed A* path node connection list to hashset
  • Optimized skyscraper mesh generation code

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