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New releases / Re: Alpha 3 - Traffic and parking!
« on: April 19, 2015, 11:52:34 AM »
I'm on mobile and this forum isn't really optimised for mobile viewing or posting so this will be a short one.

About the plot size, I think early on in the game it would help a lot of the plots were cheaper. Maybe the price could start cheap but gradually go up a little bit depending on how many plots you already got? To keep it a bit challenging later on when you're making tons of cash.

As for the alignment, if you don't want to put the starting plot in the center of the map maybe you could space it so that it's 8 tiles (one road tile) away from the map border. That way at least the roads will align with the plot. Or maybe give the road grid a bit of offset so that it aligns with the plot. Not sure how easy any of those suggestions are though.

Modding / Mod furniture
« on: April 19, 2015, 11:41:53 AM »
So I was wondering, is it or will it be possible to mod in new types of furniture, like different desks or windows, or if I wanted to add a food cart for refreshments instead of a fridge? Or will modding be restricted to xml values?

New releases / Re: Alpha 3 - Traffic and parking!
« on: April 16, 2015, 10:44:23 PM »
I love how fast you are pumping out these updates, keep them coming!
I second that. Seriously mate you're the most awesome developer I know, a new alpha after just a couple of days, I know it's probably not gonna be like this every time but still, I love the progress and the game is getting better so fast I almost can't keep up :D

Also... You guessed it, I've got some remarks on the new alpha ready.

  • The most important one: I now know why my company is always losing money. My CEO buys a new car every day! :P
    No but it is a bit weird when I have only my starter guy and there's a different colour car in the parking lot every day. Maybe you could store the car information with the person instead of randomly spawning a car?
  • Speaking of cars.. I love the road system and the cars :D It's totally not the aim of the game but it's so much fun seeing everyone drive up to the office, it's the only time when I take the game off the highest speed. No comments or suggestions on this, just wanted to say how awesome the roads and cars system is.
  • One annoyance that I have with the road building is that the regular building grid and the road grid aren't aligned. The initial building grid is 16x16 tiles, so the correct size (haven't checked the expansion plots though, I rarely use them - they're way too expensive), but the building grid has a one tile offset from the side of the map, whereas the road grid doesn't, so I can only build the first road in one spot which leaves a row of tiles on the left side of the plot and doesn't really look nice.
  • *Engage suggestion mode* Also, speaking of the starting grid - is there a reason why the game starts with the plot in the corner? I think I'd like it better if I could start somewhere along the middle of the road (properly aligned to the road grid of course ;) ), and then expand into both directions. Just a though though, not sure how easy this would be to program
  • Where does the bus stop? This isn't quite clear. Is there a bus stop of sorts, or does it just stop at a specific / random location to drop off people? It's possible I overlooked an indicator for this, but it isn't really clear to me where the bus will stop.
  • Another thought I had while playing the game, nothing to do with the new mechanics but just... What if I want to have a team staffed 24/7? Like a round-the-clock support team with three "shifts", but within the same team so they just take over the tasks? I could reassign the tasks and the rooms every eight hours to the new team, but this is a lot of manual work. Maybe a shifts system, or perhaps the possibility of assigning tasks and rooms to multiple teams at once? Or is there something in place for this already but I just haven't found it yet?

That's it for now, but if you're not tired of me yet I'll probably have some more thoughts ready soon :)

New releases / Re: Alpha 2 released
« on: April 14, 2015, 10:02:37 PM »
a checkbox like "Any role", but where it is only set to any role if there is no work. Don't know what to call it.
How about "Avoid idle" or "avoid doing nothing" or something to that effect?

Maybe I should re-implement that the more design skills an employee has, the less he/she will add after design has hit 100%
That is actually a great idea, makes a lot of sense.

I've been thinking about having faster cars for employees with high salaries.
Including a special designated parking spot close to the front door, of course :)

New releases / Re: Alpha 2 released
« on: April 14, 2015, 08:33:25 PM »
Haha, that must annoying when I suddenly re-organize everything.
Haha, by now I know that when my phone beeps 8 times in two minutes it's probably you doing your thing on Trello :D But if I have my smart watch on I can see right away what's happening so it doesn't really bother me.

If you don't set employees to "any role", they will not work outside their designated role
That's kind of my point. I want them to only work in their own role, unless they have nothing to do in their own role, then they should basically become "any role" until something in their original role comes up again. Kind of like the guys with a different role saying "Hey, you got nothing to do? We've got work, help us out a bit!". I can manage this manually but it's a lot of micromanaging with like 5 or 6 employees, so I'd like an option where they look for other work in the team if there's nothing in their assigned role, even if they're only set to one specific role.

The auto advance doesn't work on tasks you set up yourself, you have to enable the auto-dev task from the Team window, and then the leader will promote the design phase depending on his/her leader skill.
I'd like a feature like that for regular tasks, so that I don't have to aim for the exact right moment to click "develop" (and so that I don't get burned if I'm looking at the finances window for example, and I don't notice the design bar is past the center.

The only constraints to the road system is that you have to build in the grid system, where each road tile is 8x8 normal tiles, you can't build roads under rooms on the first floor and you can't change the straight road in the bottom of the map, on which cars will spawn. There are three road "types": The normal road, and horizontal and vertical parking spaces, where one parking tile can hold 4 cars.
Sounds awesome! I can't wait to build a whole road system and see how long it takes to drive to the parking all the way on the other side of the map :D

The employee is supposed to stop using the computer when it breaks and let an IT guy look at it if possible, but some hacks I added where stopping that from happening. I really need to refactor the AI system. This probably isn't super interesting, but it happened because I had to get around a problem where employees would keep stop using a piece of furniture and then immediately start using it again, I fixed it by keeping track of what furniture was used last, but I forgot to make a check whether the employee stopped using it because it broke. It now works again.
This one seems appropriate :)

Support / Re: I broke it again
« on: April 14, 2015, 03:57:53 PM »
I just had it happen with a medium webbased game as well. This time I didn't pause, but when I clicked "develop" nothing happened.

Support / I broke it again
« on: April 14, 2015, 03:26:09 PM »
I keep running into bugs. I don't know, maybe it's bad karma because I'm playing games at work. Anyhow...

This time I was making a small game engine, design phase went just fine, albeit a bit slow (maybe it's time to hire someone, I was just working with my starter guy and no employees). I waited for the bars to fill up to maximum design awesomeness, paused the game at the exact time the last bar got full, and clicked develop... But nothing happened.

I clicked it again, when that didn't work I unpaused the game, clicked it a few more times, but nothing changed. It stayed on design and kept getting crappier and crappier.

Time for another hotfix? :)

PS: In this game, before starting on the game engine, I'd already successfully developed a small OS and a visual tool, an audio tool and an antivirus for the OS. The game engine was being developed for the 5 leading OS's at the time, and for my own OS (which at that time wasn't a leading anything any more).

Suggestions and ideas / Re: Building mode suggestions
« on: April 14, 2015, 03:11:00 PM »
The system I have implemented isn't geared towards anything but rectangles, it's part of the reason having multiple floors work, without major CPU and RAM requirements. So the rooms will never be non-rectangle. There might be rooms inside rooms, so you could have the L shape, with the caveat that it is still a rectangular building.
Well I basically want to be able to do things like this (made in excel):
So I think that is what you would call rooms inside rooms, especially the left example. Not a very big deal if it doesn't get implemented right away, but I would like the ability to at least do something like the left one. Now my bathrooms always kind of 'stick out' because I'll have like a 9x9 office room and then two 2x2 bathrooms on one side, and I don't like how that looks.

I see how you'd want to place sidewalks manually for aesthetically reasons, but I'm keeping semi-big tasks that don't serve a functional purpose in the back burner for now.
Fair enough :) Not really a pressing issue indeed.

New releases / Re: Alpha 2 released
« on: April 14, 2015, 02:54:30 PM »
Great ideas! Thank you. I'll write them up in Trello in a bit
Let the notifications commence... :D
(I'm subscribed to your Trello board so every time you add or change something I get a notification on my phone)

Preferably, I want to separate tasks by having a lot of teams, you're not supposed to have stuff like marketing and designers on the same team, but at the same time I can see why you'd want to, from a management perspective. I'll think about how I can make a good priority tool, maybe something you can unlock, like you said.
I see your point. Marketing is one that I usually keep separate, because of the "too many tasks" and also because it makes sense. Support usually goes to my founder, who I keep in a separate team (because he thinks he's better than everyone else) and that's all he does. I once sent an email to a games company and got a reply from the CEO herself. Made me feel special and I loved the company even more :D So I make my CEO do the same, so my fans are extra happy (I know this probably doesn't have any impact, I just think it's cool).
However, when I have 5 employees in my company I don't want to make a "design team" and a "programming team" because half of the time one of them will just sit there waiting on the other to finish something. I want to have them in the same team, have them be able to work on anything, but prioritise. So if I make one task for a new software, they'll all just work on the design and then on the development. But, if I make a second software when the first one is still being developed, I want my designers to only design the new one, and my programmers to only develop the one that's currently developing. If the design phase of the second software is done, they will both be in the development phase and everyone on the team will work on both (since they're both programming tasks). I don't want the design team wasting their time on programming when there's design work to be done. But I also don't want them wasting their time when there's no design work but there is programming work. They won't be as good, but it's better than them doing nothing. Different teams will still be great for separating parts of the company (when my company grows I usually have a separate "software" team and a "games" team) but better priority rules within a team would do a lot, especially for smaller companies.

Also: "auto-advance" specialisation / education thingy. I have "run in background" enabled but my design ended up horrible because I didn't go on to development in time. I'd like for my guy to be able to go to the next phase when the current phase is at its best (specifically useful in the design phase).

Probably a bit obvious hint, but it was way easier to implement than I expected, I've only spent half a day on this.
I'm in love!! It looks amazing, I can't wait for the next alpha.
The roads and parking lots are buildable, right? I can make huge parking lots and ruin nature? Or are they predefined on the map, like the road in the current game?

Oh and a little bug report: just now my computer broke, and my guy didn't get up. He just kept sitting there, doing nothing. I called an IT tech but he couldn't get to the computer because my guy was sitting there, and my guy didn't leave when his work day was over, he just sat there. Maybe you could make it so that when a computer breaks the person using it will get up? Even if there are no other computers available, this will allow an IT tech to fix the computer. I fixed it by upgrading my computer, luckily I started in the '80s so my computer was very old and needed an upgrade anyways.

PS: Sorry I put this all here and not in the suggestions / support / bugs thread. It's just that I think of stuff while I'm typing so I just keep on typing.

Suggestions and ideas / Building mode suggestions
« on: April 14, 2015, 02:16:19 PM »
So here I am again, with some more suggestions of how to make the game more awesome. This time, building related.

First of all, I'd love the ability to copy/clone rooms. I have this nice 3x3 office for one guy, and I want to make a hallway and then a series of these offices on each side of the hallway. This is where my executives, managers, etc.. will live. Now it would be awesome if I could just copy the one office room I made and put it multiple times next to each other. Kind of like the clone tool in Prison Architect.

Secondly, is there a chance non-square rooms will be implemented? I often find that my room would look much better if I made it L-shaped, for example. A sort of "wall-pulling" room system like The Sims 4 would be amazing, but I can imagine that would be a lot of work. But the ability to have non-square rooms (by removing walls in between two differently shaped rooms or something) would be so great.

Lastly I was wondering, is there a reason why the building grid starts 2 tiles away from the sidewalk? I want to have doors right along the sidewalk, so my employees don't have to walk through the grass to get to work. This is a smaller one, but if it's not too much work I'd love to see that come up soon.

As always, just my 2 cents. Feel free to ignore me if you don't like my ideas :)

New releases / Re: Alpha 2 released
« on: April 14, 2015, 01:31:33 PM »
Seems to work great now. This game is getting so much better with every new version :D

A few more suggestions that I thought of while playing just now, inspired by looking at the dirt tracks on the floor of my shiny new office...
- First off, doormats: no more dirt tracks throughout the building! Placing this where employees enter will remove the dirt marks, but it will build up a "dirt level" and when it is full it won't work any more. Then, a cleaner should take it outside and clean it, and then put it back where it was. I don't know how difficult this would be, but I think it would add quite a bit of realism.

- Secondly, also in the line of cleaning, dust. All objects should slowly build up a "dust level" which then has to be cleaned as well by the cleaners. If an object has reached a "very dusty" status it won't work any more (or not as well). Dust could also completely kill computers and servers if it's not cleaned in time. This will give cleaners something to do when the dirt is cleaned up (or has disappeared because of the doormat).

- I'm sensing a pattern here.. trash cans! When I'm programming (I'm a web developer) I often sketch out stuff, I make notes of complex data objects, etc.. Every day there's a couple sheets of paper that I throw away. I know it's bad for the environment, but few people work entirely paperless. So I propose that every employee generates trash. They will throw it on the ground, which significantly lowers the environment rating of the room, but if you build trash cans they will throw their trash away, which doesn't put a strain on the environment rating. Of course trash cans will get full, which is why at the end of the day (an hour configurable in the maintenance staff window, in addition to a ) they will be put outside on the sidewalk by your cleaners. Every (early) morning a garbage truck comes by and empties the trash cans, after which a cleaner should carry them inside again to their previous spot. A little marker could be there to prevent the player from building other stuff in the spot of the trash can.

- Last one, this is something I've needed ever since I started playing this game, finer control over maintenance staff hours. Currently they stay a fixed amount of time and leave. I would like to set a start and end hour, and simply pay them an hourly rate. Combined with the above suggestions, I could for example hire a cleaner and a janitor from 8-10am to get the trash cans back inside and to get all equipment ready for another work day, and then another cleaner or two from 6-8pm to clean up after my employees go home.
Also, why can't we have in-house IT support? I'd imagine that for a large company it would be very useful to have a techie on premise, wandering around and fixing / maintaining / finetuning computers where needed. The IT guy could even improve existing computers automatically, giving a small performance boost to the person working on that computer.
Speaking of maintenance staff, when I started playing I was a bit confused with the use of cleaner vs janitor. Why not cleaner / maintenance / IT? Most of the time the term "janitor" is used for the cleaning personnel, whereas "maintenance" will maintain the furniture.

- Okay one last one, not limited to maintenance staff. I'd love to be able to set work order priorities in the style of the Rimworld job priority manager window, where I can view all different tasks for a specific employee (not just maintenance staff) and assign which task they will give preference. In the case of employees, I'd also want to set how many tasks they should work on at once, which could remove the "I've got too many jobs" complaint while still keeping the number of separate teams low. I want to be able to give one team for example 6 tasks, and if there's someone skilled at marketing I could've set them to prefer marketing jobs so they will do all marketing first, but if there are no marketing jobs they will do other jobs as well, but only one at a time. I think the system of "do all the jobs" isn't really realistic and doesn't allow for good managing of the task execution. This is reflected particularly in support tasks, which can stay for a long time and often don't have tickets but still slow down the other tasks. I'd rather my support team handles only one of their support tasks until there are 0 tickets left and then move on to the next one, or optionally have the tasks distributed among the available employees instead of all of them doing all the tasks at once (this last one could possibly require a leader with a "team management" specialisation or something).

This is where the thought train ends. Most of these suggestions are quite specific to a small part of the game, I'm not sure if they would be easy to do, but I feel that the current mechanics in terms of maintenance are quite limited so I thought I'd put some of my ideas here, maybe they'll inspire you.

PS: Any hints on the upcoming secret feature? I'm curious :D

New releases / Re: Alpha 2 released
« on: April 13, 2015, 07:10:49 PM »
I found a bug.

I designed a simple OS with my one starter guy, everything went well, but the moment I clicked "develop" the progress got stuck at this and didn't move any more:
I've left it running for a year but it doesn't change anything, however as soon as I move on to "promote" the progress becomes empty and the quality goes to horrible:

I went on to beta and then tried releasing, but nothing happens when I click the release button. It just stays in the "beta" phase.

So yea, pretty major bug I think for a game about making software, if I can't make software :D

..Or am I doing something wrong?

New releases / Re: Alpha 1 released
« on: March 30, 2015, 04:03:52 PM »
Little bit of feedback:

- Is there a way to view past issues of the newspaper? I wanted to view all my product reviews but they seem to disappear when the next day begins.

- Could you do something about the 'vacation waves', because if I hire for example 8 people at once then they will all 8 go on a vacation on exactly the same day. This is horrible in terms of planning for software delivery, when I have 1 month to deliver a contract and suddenly my entire staff goes on a vacation... Note: this did happen in previous versions as well, just didn't think to mention it cause it's not really game-breaking. But I just lost about three quarters of my cash on failing a contract that was supposed to help me start developing my own OS, so I thought I'd say something about it

New releases / Re: Alpha 1 released
« on: March 30, 2015, 02:59:59 PM »
I removed the quality limitation based on team size, as we discussed.

Great, it works really well! I'm glad I can play the game properly again :-)

Also I'm wondering, when you release on Steam, will you also keep providing non-steam downloads?

New releases / Re: Alpha 1 released
« on: March 30, 2015, 02:01:24 PM »
Sounds great! Downloading it on my work pc right now, so I don't have to wait until after work to try the new alpha :D

Have there been any changes to the balancing with single person or small dev teams?

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