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Modding / Mod furniture
« on: April 19, 2015, 11:41:53 AM »
So I was wondering, is it or will it be possible to mod in new types of furniture, like different desks or windows, or if I wanted to add a food cart for refreshments instead of a fridge? Or will modding be restricted to xml values?

Support / I broke it again
« on: April 14, 2015, 03:26:09 PM »
I keep running into bugs. I don't know, maybe it's bad karma because I'm playing games at work. Anyhow...

This time I was making a small game engine, design phase went just fine, albeit a bit slow (maybe it's time to hire someone, I was just working with my starter guy and no employees). I waited for the bars to fill up to maximum design awesomeness, paused the game at the exact time the last bar got full, and clicked develop... But nothing happened.

I clicked it again, when that didn't work I unpaused the game, clicked it a few more times, but nothing changed. It stayed on design and kept getting crappier and crappier.

Time for another hotfix? :)

PS: In this game, before starting on the game engine, I'd already successfully developed a small OS and a visual tool, an audio tool and an antivirus for the OS. The game engine was being developed for the 5 leading OS's at the time, and for my own OS (which at that time wasn't a leading anything any more).

Suggestions and ideas / Building mode suggestions
« on: April 14, 2015, 02:16:19 PM »
So here I am again, with some more suggestions of how to make the game more awesome. This time, building related.

First of all, I'd love the ability to copy/clone rooms. I have this nice 3x3 office for one guy, and I want to make a hallway and then a series of these offices on each side of the hallway. This is where my executives, managers, etc.. will live. Now it would be awesome if I could just copy the one office room I made and put it multiple times next to each other. Kind of like the clone tool in Prison Architect.

Secondly, is there a chance non-square rooms will be implemented? I often find that my room would look much better if I made it L-shaped, for example. A sort of "wall-pulling" room system like The Sims 4 would be amazing, but I can imagine that would be a lot of work. But the ability to have non-square rooms (by removing walls in between two differently shaped rooms or something) would be so great.

Lastly I was wondering, is there a reason why the building grid starts 2 tiles away from the sidewalk? I want to have doors right along the sidewalk, so my employees don't have to walk through the grass to get to work. This is a smaller one, but if it's not too much work I'd love to see that come up soon.

As always, just my 2 cents. Feel free to ignore me if you don't like my ideas :)

Modding / Mod in new software types and features
« on: March 17, 2015, 04:30:36 PM »
As the title says - is it possible to mod in new software types and features? I'd love to create a whole mod pack with new types of software and features, set how much difficulty and quality each feature adds, how popular each type of software is, select dependencies (which software is required to make other software, like how you currently need a visual tool to make pretty much anything else and sometimes an audio tool), etc...

EDIT: I found the software types in the test mod now (sorry!) but if I just put the SoftwareTypes folder inside a subfolder inside the Mods folder (so it's Mods/TestSoftware/SoftwareTypes/Test.xml) it screws up the game. What do I need to do to make it work?

EDIT2: I see the XML file has <Needs> for a software type and <Dependencies> for a feature, but both of these are blank. How should I format these if I want to add needs or dependencies?

Support / Unable to develop a product with one guy - bug or not?
« on: March 15, 2015, 01:41:59 PM »
I'm unable to develop anything with just my default guy. I do set the sliders in character creation to all be the same, so the programming and designing skills aren't full like on default. I don't have money to hire staff right away but every time I start developing something, I get the notice that there are too few people working on it and it will decrease quality.

Now I'm wondering, is this a bug / balancing issue, or is it normal that you cannot develop anything with just one person?

Suggestions and ideas / So here's a few more suggestions
« on: March 02, 2015, 02:17:00 AM »
So in addition to the little things in my other topic, here's a list of some new things I'd like to see in the game. There are some things here that I think are relatively easy, and there's some stuff that's probably insane. I'll just be happy if any features on this list get implemented eventually :)

  • Objects:
    • Bathroom stall: More expensive than a regular toilet but removes the 'no privacy' complaint (unless it's placed in an office room, with people working)
    • Custom painting: Like the regular painting but with my own images that I put in the game folder (definitely no necessity but would be fun if it's not too difficult to implement)
    • Double doors: Like the current glass door, but then just twice as wide
  • Products:
    • Publish software with OS: The ability to develop software for an OS while it is still under development and release them as a bundle, this will give more popularity will stay popular longer, but will bring in less revenue than selling the two separately (but still a bit more than selling only the OS)
    • More products and features: Overall a lot more features to add to any kind of product, see the bottom of this post for some suggestions
    • Hardware production: Design custom computers and have them produced in a factory (choice of factories with different prices and quality levels), then distribute them with my own OS and software
    • More platforms: This partly ties in with the previous point, I'd love to develop a console and then produce a mass amount of games for it and get rich, or create a smartphone and a mobile OS and become the next Apple :D
    • Websites: New product category, a long-running small source of income that requires a certain amount of maintenance each month. Design features could include webshop, social network, place banner ads (for additional revenue)
    • Updates / Expansions / DLC: Instead of developing a whole new version of my OS, I sometimes want to add a single feature to the existing one so I can develop better software for it. Or I have made a hit game and want to release and sell an expansion pack for it with additional content. An update to a product will increase the products popularity and perception, and optionally generate revenue (with an option to offer as free update to gain popularity instead of revenue)
  • Game Mechanics:
    • Licensing options: Option to set a custom licensing price, or only do selective licensing (prevent licensing but receive offers that can be accepted). This means that there will be less licenses taken but revenue can be significantly higher (random offers, can also be lower)
    • Distribution channels: Choose how my product will be distributed, with a selection of retail stores for physical copies and webshops for downloads. Each distribution option would have a certain cost (which would be significantly higher for physical copies, but they also give a lot more exposure) and physical sales require an additional upfront investment
    • "Open for business": Let a team leader automatically accept a contract he thinks his team can handle, as soon as they have nothing to do. The estimate can be wrong, meaning the team won't be able to deliver on time - the better the leader is, the less likely he is to make this error. Automated contracts will also give a little less revenue than manually accepted ones. This way I could set up an entirely automated programming-for-hire business and eventually have it run on automatic and just rake in the profits.
    • Conferences: Rent a booth at a software or games conference (various conferences happen throughout each year, at different locations - this means travel costs vary and can be high). The larger the booth and the more advertisement budget is provided, the more popularity bonus all recent and upcoming products will receive.

Product features ideas:
  • Operating System: Accessibility tools, Touch-screen support, Advanced settings, Hotkeys, Themes
  • Visual Tool: Photo filters, Effects, Animation, Image Slideshow, Full HD support
  • Audio Tool: Loops, Surround Sound, MIDI editor
  • Game Engine: Advanced Shaders, Level Designer
  • Game: Modding support (higher and longer lasting interest in the game), Multiple storylines, Quests, Skill tree
  • Webbased Game: Social network integration, Microtransactions (generates a small amount of profit each month for a certain amount of months / years after release)

I figured since this is the suggestions forum, I'd put this out here and see what you think :)

Suggestions and ideas / Little tweaks / annoyances
« on: March 01, 2015, 03:49:55 PM »
So I've been playing this game almost non stop since I discovered it a couple of days ago, but there are a few annoyances / inconveniences I encountered, that could be improved a lot. I don't know how easy it would be to implement any of this, but I thought I'd throw it in here.

1. Hallways & bathrooms: the minimum 3x3 size of a room makes for a lot of wasted space when building hallways, bathrooms, etc. I think a 2x2 minimum would be better. (Somewhat bigger suggestion and unlikely to be a small tweak/fix, but dividing rooms or removing dividing walls between rooms to make one large room would be very useful too).

2. Door & window icon looks the same: In the build mode, the icon for a glass door and a tall window look identical, which makes me miss between the two often, resulting in an absurd looking series of doors along the wall of my offices. Two images that don't look so similar would be awesome.

3. Colour new rooms: New rooms are white by default. When I build a new room next to an existing one, it would be very convenient if it would copy the colours and materials from the existing room, so I don't have to always manually change this for every new room I build.

4. Keep marketing job in place when going from design to development: When I'm doing marketing for a product that's in the design stage, the marketing job will disappear the moment I click "develop". It would be great if this didn't happen, since I usually keep the same marketing throughout the entire development process.

So these are some minor things that I noticed, and depending on how much work they are, fixing/adjusting this would in my opinion make the experience of the game a lot better.

I just discovered this game a couple of days ago, already played it a lot. I love it so far.

One thing I noticed though, is that I can't adjust the starting money slider with the standard Freeplay scenario. Is this intended behaviour or is it a bug?

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