Software Inc.



Create your own headquarters

Buy plots in a huge map to create and customize your own building. No grid necessary, just make sure there's coffee.

Design your own products

Craft and manufacture software and hardware products, corner your market, defeat the competition, and make them work for you.

Manage your employees

Create and optimize teams of employees with different skills and demands to release products in a timely fashion. Why not poach a big shot lead designer from a competitor to give you the edge?

Simulate the market

Every playthrough of Software Inc. is different, as the market is simulated and randomized. Each action you take affects how history plays out.

Current features
  • Build, furnish, style and maintain office buildings up to ten stories + basement, on an enormous land, using a free-form building system with simple copy-paste tools
  • Hire employees to design, develop, support, update, research and market software and hardware in teams
  • Build roads, paths, bike racks and parking to ease commuting for your employees
  • Tend to your employees' needs, demands, skills and specializations, while making sure each team has compatibility and cohesion
  • Customize your own founder or split the company between a team of founders
  • Design and manufacture your own software and hardware products and franchises
  • Compete in a simulated and randomly populated market by selling your products, taking on contract work, creating patents, making deals and trading stocks
  • Set up your own servers for products, source control and running your own online store
  • Hire staff to repair your furniture and computers, clean your office, make food for your employees, transport goods, secure your offices or greet visitors
  • Mod what kind of software you can develop, add your own furniture, upload your building blueprints, add support for your language or write your own code to modify the game
  • Delegate important tasks to your team leaders, such as managing development cycles and human resources

Get the DRM-free version of Software Inc.

Software Inc. is currently in Early Access, meaning it is still under development. Core features are subject to change and the game might be unstable in areas. This purchase does not include a Steam key.

The purchase includes:
  • Immediate access to the current version
  • All future updates
  • The final release
  • Windows, Mac and Linux builds
  • No ads and no In-app purchases, ever

Note that the difference between the Steam release and the version you can buy on this site, is that the Steam version will require that Steam is running when you launch Software Inc. The version sold on this site will not have any Steam synchronization. Buying the game on Steam does not include the version sold on this site.

What does DRM-free mean?
DRM(Digital Rights Management)-free means the game does not include any anti-piracy measures, such as requiring an online connection or a key to unlock. You just download the game files and they are yours to keep forever.

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Patch notes for Beta 1.7.3


Patch notes for Beta 1.7.8


  • Fixed share increase and software support notifications not being in local player's language

  • Fixed furniture sitting on the outside of a wall sometimes going inside when undoing moving a wall

  • Fixed product printers and assemblers becoming corrupt after joining a game with an existing save

  • Fixed all boxes on company premises becoming corrupt after joining a game with an existing save

  • Fixed print jobs becoming corrupt after joining a game with an existing save

  • Fixed failing to load save if there was a notification active about a player buying stock in your company

Patch notes for Beta 1.7.7


  • Fixed design deals not paying out when they naturally end

  • Fixed game breaking when trying to outsource add-on tasks

  • Fixed game breaking when client joined with save that had incompatible add-on development task due to parent product not being available on host

  • Auto saving is now forced in multiplayer to avoid not being able to connect back up due to incompatible or missing save data

  • Controller support has been disabled until a proper solution can be implemented, to avoid camera rotations from random connected devices

  • Fixed new clients not being able to outsource tasks to other existing clients, except from host

  • Furniture that contain perishables are now auto-stocked when purchased

Beta 1.7.6 fixes not being able to connect back up if a distribution platform was under development by a client during last save

Patch notes for Beta 1.7.5


  • Added support for on-screen keyboard in Steam


  • Fixed game sometimes breaking when merging rooms

  • Fixed game sometimes breaking when dragging walls and destroying windows

  • Fixed game not always updating which parking lots belongs to which player

  • Fixed game breaking when joining a game with a save containing an invalid marketing deal

  • Added more handling of corrupted player trades

  • Police cars and fire trucks are no longer syncronized in multiplayer to avoid issues

Beta 1.7.4 fixes game crashing when starting a new multiplayer game

Patch notes for Beta 1.7.3


  • Other players can now vote to force skip day if non-ready players are AFK

  • Added option to limit how long a day can last before a player is forced to skip to next day

  • Added ability to change game and lobby port for LAN in settings.txt


  • Fixed deal filter not being loaded properly from save

  • Fixed plots not being purchasable after a reload in multiplayer, games will need to be saved and reloaded again to fix this

  • Fixed deal accepted by a player still coming in from receptionist for other players, if they hadn't gotten it yet

  • Fixed an issue that would make game unable to load multiplayer saves with corrupted buildings, they should now load

  • Some multiplayer saves had corrupted network data that would eventually break the game for everyone and will now be deleted on load

  • Bunch of stability fixes

Multiplayer out in unstable branch


Major changes

  • Online multiplayer!

  • You can now customize every difficulty setting individually, including turning off taxes and removing the impact of lead designers

  • There's a new logo editor, which uses a much more intuitive layer-based system. It is not as powerful and efficient as the old editor, but the old editor is still available.



You can play up to 4 players on a map at a time. Each player starts on each side of the map. You are all playing in the same market, with the same competitors, deals and distribution platforms. You can outsource tasks to other players, and trade stocks, plots and intellectual property.

Price change

The game's price has increased, not only to reflect the addition of multiplayer, but also the size of the game at this point. I initially wanted to release the game for $20 after working on it for about 3 years. We're coming up on 10 years next year, and the scope has gotten so much larger than when I started. I expect to have a launch discount when multiplayer releases officially. If you don't care about multiplayer, there's a cheaper LAN-only DRM-free version available.

Patch notes for Beta 1.7.1


  • Added multiplayer

  • First day now starts at 7AM and employees will arrive same day if they are hired before their scheduled arrival

  • Overhauled difficulty structure, difficulty mods will no longer work until updated

  • Added ability to customize difficulty

  • Disabling taxes, removing effect of lead designers, removing fires and removing burglaries are now difficulty options

  • Added new simple but less powerful logo editor

  • Added ability to enter precise amounts when buying stock

  • Added option to auto save every x minutes in build mode

  • Server choices for design, updates, contracts, deals, etc. are now saved to file

  • Added ability to send employees home for several months by using scroll wheel on the send home button

  • Added compass

  • You can now see how many tasks a team is assigned to during assignment

  • Awards will now end up in inventory when they are not directly being sold, but just removed as a result of other actions

  • Employees will also start complaining about computers that are slow due to age, as well as condition, to warn player of old computers

  • Employees will now react immediately to player changing a room's team assignments

  • Added lightstrips to conveyor belts to make it easier to see which are turned on

  • Changed how company assets are divided among shareholders when a company bankrupts, so it will be distributed even if less than 10% of the company is listed

  • Quit confirmation dialog now asks whether to save instead of whether to quit

  • Bug handling has changed to use method Product.ChangeBugs(startBugs, bugs) and Product.FixBugs(fixes), data mods will be auto upgraded on load

  • Updated Steamworks SDK


  • Fixed shortcut panel not clearing after moving or duplicating furniture outside of build mode

  • Fixed player work on design and development deals not actually applying to end product

  • Fixed not having to pay for licenses when updating software if not also fixing bugs

  • Fixed furniture rotation sound stacking after placing multiple furniture at a time

  • Fixed placing a room duplicate in an existing room charging for all walls of the new room instead of just the necessary split

  • Fixed wall mounted furniture being placed on top of each other when duplicating room inside another

  • Fixed cases of doors and windows not getting copied over when cloning rooms

  • Fixed all undo bugs when dealing with awards

  • Fixed issues with basement rendering in first person mode

  • Fixed subsidiaries failing to retire lead designers

  • Moved security desk from Staff to Security function category

  • Fixed game saying tutorial has more steps than it had due to skipped parts

  • Fixed not being able to use close window shortcut with tutorial active

  • Fixed furniture modding tool breaking mod when refreshing mesh in Model menu and then saving

  • Fixed issue when a furniture's point of interaction inside an atrium resided in an adjacent balcony

  • Increased window margin to the left of the screen so titlebar doesn't become inaccessible

  • Fixed rooms becoming inaccessible to all teams if it is surrounded by other rooms outside

  • Fixed game not fetching all languages that share language codes from Localizor

  • "Missing qualified employees for a project"-message now specifies whether it is in regards to an update, to clear up project management issues

  • Fixed all interior doors not coming back when undoing selling plot

  • Reduced compression of character animations to remove foot sliding

  • Fixed noise visualization not working when rooms don't have default floor mapping

Patch notes for Beta 1.6.8



  • Reduced saturation of generated team colors

  • Added button to auto color teams based on skills and meeting time

  • Changed CCTV cycle rate from every 30 minutes to every 15 minutes


  • In-house products can no longer receive best product or designer awards

  • Fixed some bugs in the furniture modding system introduced in the last patch

  • Proper handling of modded furniture where the primary color can't be edited by player, but secondary or tertiary can

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